Business Owners and Senior Leaders:
Transform Your Business in 2 Days with Tested Silicon Valley Innovation Techniques
Hosted at the Four Seasons West Lake Village near Malibu, California on April 30th & May 1st, 2019
You’re in the Tech Business

  • Automation and Software are Eating the World
  •  You don’t have to like it, but it’s true...
  •  Every Business is now a “Tech” Business  
Innovate or Get Left Behind
  •  Tech Trends are Hitting Your Business From Every Direction
  •  Learn our Proven System of Test, Learn, Evolve to Move with these Trends
  • Make Your Business Agile, Not Fragile
Don't just Survive... Thrive! 
  •  Shift to an Innovation Mindset 
  •  Navin's Performance Coach, former U.S. Marine Deric Keller, will hold you Accountable 
  •  Aspiration without Accountability Will Guarantee Failure
Featured Speakers
Navin Thukkaram
Innovation Coach
Navin Thukkaram is a technology investor and entrepreneur who has generated over $3 billion in exits. He has served on 7 company boards of companies ranging from $50 million to over $2 billion in value. A graduate of both Harvard and Princeton, Navin has been featured extensively in the global media, including CNBC, Fox News, and Fortune.
Currently, Navin is lead investor / board member of SkyKick, a global cloud software company. Previously he was COO / board member / seed investor of Qwiki, a New York-based mobile startup acquired by Yahoo! for $50 million. Prior, Navin was a partner of Vulcan Capital Private Equity, the investment firm of Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen.

Navin is the benefactor of the Thukkaram Fellowship at Harvard Business School. He serves as an adviser to CSIS, the #1 U.S. defense think tank, and was previously an adviser to the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations.

Navin has trained and spoken for senior executives at Microsoft, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Banco Santander, and SEB, among many others.
Deric Keller
Performance Coach
U.S. Marine Deric Keller is a combat veteran who served our country with distinction during the tumultuous years of 1999 to 2003. He is a recipient of the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal for Combat Valor, an honor reserved for those that exhibit exemplary valor on the battlefield.
Deric successfully transitioned from the military to become a VP of sales for over 10 years... but then felt called back to leadership. Deric now provides elite business coaching to high level business executives and entrepreneurs, including Navin.

Deric enables his clients to achieve accelerated results in all areas of their lives. He gives his private coaching clients the frameworks and accountability systems to maximize their financial potential, impact and personal fulfillment. Through it all, he has kept his marriage on fire and been an exemplary father to his 7 children.  

Deric is committed to helping you implement the systems and strategies taught at Innovation Boot Camp into consistent action and results.
Wilson Kriegel is a seasoned Silicon Valley executive with a world class track record of 5 successful exits creating over $1 Billion in value.

Wilson is currently Founder & CEO of HrtBeat Audio, an outdoor mobility wearable startup. Previously, Wilson was Chief Business Officer at PicsArt, the largest mobile destination for creators with over 600 million users to date, currently creating nearly 1 billion images per month. Prior to PicsArt, Wilson held senior management positions at several venture-backed Silicon Valley startups.
Ravi Drums takes DJ’ing to a whole new level by adding live drums & percussion re-mixes on the spot. Ravi’s custom NASA-designed drum rig pulsates with LED lights and state-of-the-art technology, including the "Dream Screen", a one-of-a-kind glass mixing console.

Ravi Drums has performed and collaborated with the absolute who's who of music globally, including Quincy Jones, Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carey (Caesar’s Palace residency, Las Vegas), the Foo Fighters, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Vice, Slash (of Guns & Roses) and DJ AM.  
Selectively, Ravi Drums will perform at significant private events, and has performed for Michael Jordan, Nike, HBO, Access Hollywood, Will Smith, Eva Longoria, Quentin Tarantino, Elon Musk, Carson Daly, Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry & Benicio Del Toro, Diesel, and Louis Vuitton, among many others. 

Nicole Lapin is a news anchor, NYT bestselling author and businesswoman. She is best known as a news anchor on CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg, as well as finance correspondent for Morning Joe on MSNBC and The Today Show on NBC. She is author of Rich Bitch and Boss Bitch.
Serving as CMO for Wake Up Warrior for the past 5 years, Jeremy Finlay, lead the marketing helm to help the company rise from obscurity into the world's #1 training for married businessmen, carving out a new industry of healthy-masculinity as an industry leader affecting millions and generating millions in revenue. Through marketing, storytelling & innovation in product delivery, Jeremy's expertise lies in bringing brands & business to life in a modern, bold, original way. 
What Navin Has To say about innovation boot camp
Does technology and innovation scare you? Be honest...
Here’s the truth: it SHOULD scare you.

Here’s why…

The wave of technology and innovation isn’t just a wave, it’s a tsunami...

The only question is, will you ride the wave… or be crushed by it?

More on that in a minute. But first, let’s get one thing straight:
You Are In The “Tech” Business
Yes, you read that right.

Whether you're a business owner, a key decision maker or a senior executive...


You may not like it, but it’s true!

You sell online. You market online. You basically live online.

Entire industries are getting shaken up by the Cloud, automation, social media, smartphones, artificial intelligence (AI) and more.

And you don’t have to be in one of these high tech industries to be deeply affected by them...

This wave of technology is crashing into EVERY business (including yours) at an increasing pace and from every direction. 

For example, the telephone needed FIFTY years to reach 50 million users...
Twitter hit 50 million users in just TWO years… over 25x faster.
Innovation is Increasing Exponentially...
Innovation is Increasing Exponentially...
And if you aren’t ready to ride the wave it will eventually sink your ship (business).

Every day you are operating with outdated systems, your Customers, Vendors, and COMPETITORS are leveraging dozens of technology platforms to move faster while you get left behind.

Companies that are at the Forefront of these Trends will THRIVE…
While companies left behind by innovation WON'T SURVIVE!
As you’re seeing the world evolve around you, you’re realizing that tech trends move fast...very fast.

So fast, in fact, that only a small number of Silicon Valley insiders are able to predict them and grow their businesses exponentially.

The rest of the entrepreneurs can only hope to react quick enough to tread water.
It’s No Wonder that 90%+ of Startups FAIL!
They simply don’t move fast enough.

So you already know you NEED innovation, BUT you feel powerless to innovate.

There’s always a new product to launch, a marketing campaign to create, an account to close...

You’re pushing hard, day in/ day out, but there never seems to be enough time or money to innovate and get ahead.
Your Business is Stuck 
And if your business is stuck, your life is stuck.
How do I know?

After working with dozens of companies all over the world, I’ve seen that most businesses aren’t setup like a Silicon Valley startup.

Most businesses don’t use the latest strategies, cutting edge technology, or have management experienced in innovative practices.

And they’re going to get trampled by the trends if they don’t innovate.

I get it. I’ve been there…

Years ago I was COO, seed investor, and board member of my first Silicon Valley tech company called Qwiki.
CNN called us “Wiki meets Facebook meets Google”
We had just won “Tech Crunch Disrupt” (the biggest Tech Competition in the World), and for a little while we were the hottest tech startup on the globe.
On the outside, we were the envy of Silicon Valley. But internally, WE WERE MAKING NO MONEY.

We were bleeding cash and only had 6 months before we would have to shut Qwiki down for good.

I was scared. I had no idea how we were gonna make any money.

There was a huge weight on me because I was supposed to be the Harvard MBA. I was supposed to have the answers...

Figure out how we make revenue, how we make payroll, what our business model should be.

You know what I mean?

We were running out of cash, firing half our team, and shutting down all its products...

It was a very dark time for me and my partner who were running this company. We had a choice to make…
Innovate or Die!
With our backs against the wall, our team made some MAJOR changes to our mindset, process and execution...

Six months later, Yahoo! bought Qwiki for $50 MILLION DOLLARS!

How was that possible?


Specifically, a recipe for innovation that I call the 4 Step Innovation Formula!

Qwiki used this formula to become a poster child for Silicon Valley success. Fast forward to today, and...

SkyKick, a red hot cloud software company where I’m the lead investor and board member, has over 20,000 BUSINESS customers in over 100+ countries… and its only been in business a little over 5 years!

Qwiki and SkyKick both use the exact same formula I’ll be teaching you at Innovation Boot Camp!

I’m tired of seeing businesses with tremendous potential get trampled by trends. 
So now I’m doing something about it...
After creating billions (literally) in profits for the co-Founder of Microsoft...
...and investing in and operating Silicon Valley tech startups...

...and training senior executives at some of the biggest companies in the world, like Deutsche Bank, Microsoft, Citibank, Santander...
It’s Time to Empower the Future Innovators of the World
Will you be one of them?
Innovation is not just for the elite. It’s time for every entrepreneur to compete.

Why? Because... 
Innovation is for Every Entrepreneur
Make no mistake: these strategies are normally reserved for Silicon Valley elites... 

But times have changed and innovation isn’t just for Silicon Valley anymore...

Every entrepreneur - whether you own the business, run a division, or sell the product - needs to LIVE the Innovation Mindset or risk having their career trampled by the trends driving this New Economy.
Which is why I created...
Innovation Boot Camp is where Silicon Valley meets Main Street.

This is where I’ll teach you the process of innovation.
Come learn our proven system of "Test.Learn.Evolve" to innovate your business and your life.

Innovation is NOT some magical fairy dust reserved for a special few.
It’s NOT having the right idea at the right time.

Innovation is process that can be taught. It’s a recipe that can be followed.

And at Innovation Boot Camp we will teach you our 4-Step Innovation Formula to rapidly and cheaply evolve your business, even if you’re not “techy.”

This is an intimate, interactive training that will give you the systems to dominate at the speed of today's economy.
And to ensure you implement the plan I’m revealing at Innovation Boot Camp, I’m bringing my business coach, former Marine and combat veteran Deric Keller, to help hold your feet to the fire.
Deric served our country during the tumultuous years of 1999 to 2003.

He transitioned from combat to become a successful VP of sales, making hundreds of thousands a year and living a great life...but then felt called back to leadership.
And to ensure you implement the plan I’m revealing at Innovation Boot Camp, I’m bringing my business coach, former Marine and combat veteran Deric Keller, to help hold your feet to the fire.
Deric now provides elite business coaching to high level business executives and entrepreneurs, including me. Through it all, he has kept his marriage on fire and been an exemplary father to his 7 children.
He will help you implement the systems and strategies taught at Innovation Boot Camp into consistent action and results.

Through the power of association and radical accountability, you will be able to level up your business, and your life.
Important Note:
Because Deric and I want to give you individual and undivided attention, we’re only allowing 50 people to join us for Innovation Boot Camp. 

Period. No BS. 

I just visited the Four Seasons and made sure the room was small enough so we could see everyone at all times.

Don't get left behind. Join a movement of Innovators ready to thrive, not just survive...

Click the button below to take your business to the next level by securing your seat to Innovation Boot Camp now.

I’m truly excited and privileged to have the opportunity to teach you these Silicon Valley secrets and open up the doors of Innovation.

Because remember...


-Navin Thukkaram 
Innovate To Exponentially Accelerate Your Business